7505 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA
(858) 459-7765
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Shannon Turner, Owner
Girard Avenue Collection was started by Shannon Turner and a group of women with a passion for collecting. We offer an unexpected mix of home and garden furnishings. We have a passion for finding the fantastic finds for our customers. Lighting, mirrors, lamps, that unusual table, chair, accessory, object of interest... And you dont have to pay huge amounts for great things! It's absurd to do so when you can shop at Girard and YOU can find it!!

The ever-changing store scape is full of unexpected treasures sourced from far and wide, offered to loyal clientele at affordable prices.We're celebrating our 16th year, still having fun after all these years...OPEN DAILY.

Featured Artists: Alyce Quackenbush & Leah Higgins.
Art by Leah Higgins
Art by Alyce Quackenbush
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